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Heritage Management and Conservation

We offer a broad range of quality services in the field of heritage management and conservation.

  1. We provide effective impact assessment services on archaeological and heritage resources as prescribed by the National Heritage Resources Act 25 of (1999) and the National Environmental Management Act 107 of (1998). Our services cover both archaeological/heritage impact assessment (AIA-HIA Phase 1) and Cultural Resource Management (CRM phase 2&3) research and rescue management studies. We cover the initial screening, scoping surveys, baseline surveys, significance assessment, mitigation, graves relocation, monitoring, rehabilitation and restoration of archaeological sites.
  2. We produce Conservation Management and Integrated Management Plans informed by international best practice
  3. We provide project and programmes management services in the broad areas of heritage management and conservation
  4. We provide services in Museum development and collections management in museums
  5. We also offer social and public participation services


  1. Environmental Management, Planning and Compliance
  2. The environment is the heart and soul of mother earth and as such it must be well managed and protected for present and future generations. Our unrivalled expertise in environmental management allows us to offer our clients a wide variety of quality services in environmental impact analyses, assessments, reports, categorical exclusions and supporting studies, alternative development, public involvement, resource management plans, socioeconomic and environmental justice analysis, facilitation of community socio-economic workshops and training. Below are some of the most popular studies that we carry out.


  1. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIAs) –
  2. The pressures of modern development always pose a major risk to our environment. As such, the negative impacts of development on the environment should be minimized and development projects should always address the issue of sustainable environments. Through our team of dedicated experts, we offer leading services in EIA as contained in the relevant sections of the National Environmental Management Act 107 of (1998), Environmental Conservation Act. We take pride in preparing Scoping and EIA Reports for our clients.


  1. Environmental Management Plans (EMPs)
  2. Matmun is also experienced in compiling Environmental Management Plans. These highly significant documents ensure a sustainable and effective way of minimizing the impact of development on the environment from the beginning of the project to its conclusion.  We also compile EMPs to manage and rehabilitate the environmental impacts of the developments.


  1. Environmental monitoring System (EMS)
  2. Just because EMPS and assessment reports are there does not equate to compliance. As such, we also monitor to ensure that the recommendations in the EMPS and EIAs are implemented. This is critical for achieving sustainable development outcomes and solutions.


  1. Biodiversity
  2. we conduct biodiversity study in relation to the conservation and use of biodiversity based upon the best applicable scientific standards formulated to collect data necessary to assess the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity. The database enables developers and engineers to work with, and obtain the information they need for an informed participation and decision making in biodiversity management.

-Habitat management – wetlands, terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems
-Vegetation mapping, sensitisation and vulnerability studies
-Species distribution and abundance
-Ichthyology – Fish as a natural resource studies

  1. Aquatic ecology assessments
  2. Fish assessments for aquaculture purposes
  3. Fish farming

-Herpetology – herpes assessment and vulnerability control

  1. Planning corridors

               -Ornithology – bird studies
- Invertebrate species and abundance

  1. Geo-Technical investigations
  2. We conduct geotechnical investigation in relation to environmental impacts assessment program, the assements form part of specialist study process that attempt to quantify the depth, quality and physical properties of rock formation. In geological investigation we investigate and asses the quality of rock material available on site and able to reach a consensus on whether such material can be used as construction material or not. As rocks types differ in competency and competency determine the suitability of the proposed project. The study determine the impacts which may be poised on Engineering design of roads, structure foundations includes founding condition and problem solving on soils and ground waters as natural source of materials


  1. Geo- Hydrology
  2. We conduct investigation in relation to water porosity and permeability and assess the occurrence and distribution of ground water. We develop a protocol that enhances water quality in relation to watershed development, protection of recharge area, depth regulation in drinking water regulation of agricultural water use and overall ground water management. Ground water is valuable resources that forms an integral part of continuous circulating hydrological system and get contaminated with minerals substances from the rocks we also provide ground water contamination management assessment as well as water quality.



  1. Sustainable Community Development

  2. At Matmun Geo- Environmental Consultants we take pride in helping our communities to eradicate poverty through using locally available knowledge and resources. Through the Environmental and Heritage Entrepreneurship programme, we assist communities in earning respectable livelihoods through the use of indigenous knowledge system (IKS) and economic development. We train, teach and advise community members interested in starting small scale environmental, heritage driven businesses such as selling arts and crafts. This forms the core of our corporate social responsibility programmes.

  1. Indigenous Knowledge System
  2. Long before colonialism and the industrialisation associated with the period, there were numerous innovative and vibrant technologies that involve series of transformative activities. Matmun Geo-Environmental Consultants specialists provide IKS documentation within a scientific research orientation. This rare specialist study involves scientific and cultural understandings of the technical process involves in the IKS transformation of raw materials.


  1. Sustainable land based conservation
  2. The program involves rehabilitation of  Wetlands, Archaeological sites, re-vegetation of conserve natural resources and the promotion of community conservation. Creation of livelihood opportunities through the sustainable utilization of natural and cultural heritage.


  1. Tourism Development System- 
  2. Initiate tourism feasibility study program and support the development of viable tourism products and the development of tourism niche and the creation of opportunities to increase the share of SMME/BEE involvement in the tourism industry.  We develop and upgrading tourism infrastructures and creation of tourism route. We establish tourism information centres and signage. Much of our country’s heritage remains unknown to most of South Africans. These sites are hidden away in communities and even there it is often known to just a few. The company provide pro active sustainable conservation in a significant way, which will not only help build our important tourism industry, but will also help conserve our environment and heritage.



  1. Program and Project Management-
  2. Project management is fast becoming one of the most essential services. The success of any project depends on effective discipline, planning, organization, and, management of resources. At a higher level, we also offer services in programme management. Because we are a success and goal driven company, we always ensure that project goals are all attained in time. We are well aware of the constraints often brought by the scope, time, and budget issues and have in place a robust system essential for successful project management. We achieve this by religiously archiving administrative records, designing effective databases, interdisciplinary team facilitation and organization as well as scheduling and forecasting. 


  1. Research, Training and Capacity Building
  2. At the heart of what we do lie our ability to carry out inter-disciplinary research. Our team of experts hails from the world’s leading universities and has experience in both private and public corporations. We can carry out all social science based research on disciplines such as heritage in economic development, sustainable development, Geo tech, environmental management and tourism development. Our experts come from the previously disadvantaged backgrounds suggesting that there is nothing more empowering than empowerment. At Matmun Geo Environmental Consultants our clients are spoilt for choice in terms of research that we offer.


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